Piklist is WordPress 3.9 compatible.

WordPress 3.9 was released yesterday (April 16), and is fully supported by the current version of Piklist. This latest version of WordPress comes packed with lots of new features that enhance your publishing experience. Since Piklist uses default WordPress functions, these enhancements are ready for you as soon as you upgrade to 3.9. An updated […]

What are you building with Piklist?

We know you’re building awesome websites, we see bits and pieces in the support forums. Would you like to share some of your ideas with the community? Our Tutorials section is very popular, and we’re looking for more ideas. If you’ve built something with Piklist that you think others would benefit from, then please share. […]

Piklist 0.9.2 on tap.

Since Piklist version 0.9.0 dropped at, we’ve had a very eventful week. Our email list is receiving record signups. The community forums have been buzzing with new users discovering the benefits of Piklist, while our experienced users have been trying out the new features. Late last week we released v0.9.1, which fixed a small conflict […]

A new Piklist. A new

For the past six months our developer community has been testing version 0.8.0 of Piklist. For those of you using version 0.7.2 this is a major rewrite and upgrade. Bugs have been squashed, and tons of features have been added. Version 0.8.0 has been used by our developer community for months and they have built […]

v0.8.0 Beta 6

We’re getting closer to releasing 0.80.0 on Most of the issues reported by our community in the support forums have been addressed, so this version is even more fun.

v0.8.0 Beta 4

Beta 4 addresses two bugs posted on our forums: Javascript errors that are stopping Post Editor Tags and Help Tabs. And Frontend Widgets not working. We also replace the standard WordPress “Right Now” Dashboard widget with one that supports Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.

v0.8.0 Beta 3

v0.8.0 b3 is a straight old fashion bugfix, including the Javascript errors reported on our forum.

Beta to the Max! v0.8.0 Beta 1 is live.

Piklist 0.8.0 beta 1 is out in the wild and available for download!  It is totally awesome, with lots of new features, optimizations and bug fixes.

It’s been a while since our last release, so we knew this one had to be special… and we think we’ve succeeded.  Piklist makes even more things easier and adds functionality to WordPress that you’ve never seen before.

Keep Building with Piklist

The Piklist community is really growing and we couldn’t be happier. When developers and non-developers can easily manipulate the WordPress admin, users benefit from easy to use interfaces and more interesting features can be built. This has lead to a rise in usage, and some pretty awesome sites being built with Piklist.