Piklist 0.5.0 Beta available for download

After a year of hard work, we are very excited to announce the first public release of Piklist, a rapid development framework for WordPress.

This first public version of Piklist makes is radically easy for even beginner developers to create powerful Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, Settings Pages, Widgets and Fields.  Advanced developers will be impressed with the solid code base and intelligent structure, which provides you with the ability to build very powerful websites and web applications as we showcased at WordCamp NYC.

So, what next?

  • Get Piklist!
  • Activate Piklist and then activate the “Piklist Demos” add-on, in the Piklist Menu.  This Add-on will create a demo Post Type, Settings Page and Widget so you can see the power of Piklist.
  • Check out the Tutorials and Documentation.
  • Ask us questions and provide feedback on our Support Forum.



10 thoughts on “Piklist 0.5.0 Beta available for download

  1. Tony Brennan says:

    I have built a business directory with rolopress which was about to be launched. Would be delighted to be able to test your new Piklist Beta. Drop a line or follow on twitter @octoberstone

  2. Roger says:

    The plugin shows up on wordpress but it doesn’t have any files inside the download

    1. Steve says:

      @roger– Try now. We had an issue with the original commit to WordPress.org.

  3. Bill Ford says:

    About time someone came up with a framework like this. Should make my life easier and for an old guy I need that peaceful easy feeling! Good start. Look forward to growing with you. Have sent this to a developer way smarter about this than I am.

    1. Steve says:

      @Bill– we appreciate the kind words… It keeps us working into the night ;)

  4. chechman says:

    i rolopress installed on no profit org so they can keep track members, any ideas on date for importer for piklist so can move to this framework using existing data, thanks

    1. Steve says:

      @chechman– We are not committing to a date yet. We are just want to get Piklist to a nice stable state, and then we will roll out applications. Keep using RoloPress… that’s fine.

  5. nathan says:

    Excited to see some movement and progress… What is the update on future updates and or development? perhaps a donate button on the site explaining please donate to speed up progress and help support video examples!

    1. Steve says:

      @nathan– We’re working hard on the next big update. Should be released this week or early next. We’re still thinking about a donate button, and support videos. Piklist is changing so quickly with new features, that we’re afraid support videos would be obsolete within weeks.

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