Support for Taxonomies, Media and Users

Over it’s relatively short life, Piklist has changed greatly. The product demonstrated in June at WordCamp NYC has grown dramatically due to community feedback and our sponsored client projects. Kevin and I have big plans for Piklist, and this growth is right on track.

Today, we are announcing the next big step for Piklist. Version 0.6.7 has been released to and adds the most requested features since we released Piklist. In addition to Post Meta and Settings Fields, Piklist now supports meta fields for: Media, Taxonomies and Users.
Piklist supports fields for Post Meta, Settings, Media, Taxonomies and Users

Our DEMOS add-on, which is included with Piklist 0.6.7, shows off this new functionality. Creating the fields is as simple as it’s always been. Just create three new folders, Media, Terms and Users, and start dropping in files. The main difference will be in the file comment blocks, which contain some added functionality. Tutorials and Documentation will published shortly, but for now you can refer to the DEMO add-on.

Though we’ve already used these new features on some sponsored client projects, we ask that you please test them as well and post bugs on the Piklist Support Forum. Remember, Piklist is still in Beta, and some features may not work as expected, or they may change in the future.

Media meta is only supported through WordPress 3.4. Once 3.5 goes to RC, we will implement as well.

We’re very excited with the growth of Piklist, and grateful for the community that has started. Thank you all for your support. We have great things in store for you.

4 thoughts on “Support for Taxonomies, Media and Users

  1. James Mc says:

    Thanks for your hard work Piklist Team

    1. Steve says:

      Thank you for your contributions James MC!

  2. roland says:

    Great work and great support! Looking forward for all the new features…

  3. Michael Bain says:

    Awesome stuff! I’m following the development of Piklist with great interest. I’m already using what was available upto this latest release on a regular basis to speed up my developments. I like where this is heading. This could become the ‘de-facto’ WP developer toolkit if you carry on as you have been :)

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