Piklist 0.9.2 on tap.

Since Piklist version 0.9.0 dropped at WordPress.org, we’ve had a very eventful week. Our email list is receiving record signups. The community forums have been buzzing with new users discovering the benefits of Piklist, while our experienced users have been trying out the new features. Late last week we released v0.9.1, which fixed a small conflict with Jetpack, and today you can upgrade to v0.9.2 which features:

  • Multi-select field support.
  • Better conditional fields.
  • Cleaner field layouts.
  • Updated demos with a Post Editor add-more field.
  • and, of course, a few bug fixes.

Piklist on tap at WP Tavern

Our rebranding didn’t go unnoticed. Sarah Gooding at WP Tavern interviewed us about the new site and the new Piklist. At the end of the article Sarah asks if you’ve used Piklist and invites you to comment. If you love Piklist, please let her know. We even told her a little bit about our future plans, so check out the article to learn what we’re planning this year.

Piklist v0.9.2 is ready for download >

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