Piklist and Gutenberg

With WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg scheduled for release tomorrow, we wanted to let you know the status of Piklist.

We have been working hard on not only making Piklist 100% Gutenberg compatible but doing it the Piklist way: Easy to use, beautiful, powerful and stable. Unfortunately, this version of Piklist will not be ready tomorrow. Though we are disappointed, we have decided not to rush to meet this deadline.

You can continue using Piklist on Custom Post Types (with the classic editor), Terms, Users, Settings, Widgets and Front End Forms. Piklist fields will not work on default POSTS and PAGES.

If you want to use Piklist on Posts or Pages, it is recommended that you install the “Classic Editor” plugin which ensures custom fields display as intended.

The next version of Piklist will not only be 100% Gutenberg compatible, but faster and even more powerful then before.

6 thoughts on “Piklist and Gutenberg

  1. mcmaster says:

    Thanks for the update, Steve. Frankly, the features that Piklist provides are a lot more important to me than Gutenberg, so I see no need to upgrade to WP 5.0 before you’re ready.

    All the best,

  2. Moshe says:

    Will the next version of Piklist allow us to create Custom Gutenberg Blocks?

    1. Steve says:

      Though our ultimate goal is to make block creation as easy as widgets and shortcodes, our immediate task is Gutenberg compatibility.

  3. brenthardinge says:

    We are looking forward to seeing this version. In testing, we have been using Gutenberg for some features and switching back to the Classic Editor for the Piklist functionality. It seems to work but will be better to just have full Gutenberg support.

  4. Coder618 says:

    Thanks man, really nice plugin,

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