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Optional User Interface

Taxonomy Manager

Taxonomy Manager

Managing your Post Types and Taxonomies just got easier. Way… easier. Piklist v0.8.0 sports a user interface for There are plenty of plugins available that allow you to manage custom Post Types and Taxonomies.  However, there are a few differences between them and the Piklist manager.

Piklist was built with the developer in mind, so managing your Content Types and Taxonomies can always be done at the file level. Other plugins let you do this with a user interface, which makes it a bit difficult to distribute your code. With Piklist you get the best of both worlds. Feel free to continue writing code, or if you like use the optional user interface to create and manage your Content Types and Taxonomies… or a combination of both.

As an added bonus, you also have access to all the extra Piklist parameters for Content Types and Taxonomies as well, so changing the “Enter Title” and removing meta boxes is a snap.

You’ll notice as well that all Content Types and Taxonomies are listed in the UI, not just the ones you created with Piklist. So you can easily edit the Content Types and Taxonomies in WordPress Core (i.e. Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags), or any created by other plugins.

To turn on the UI, head over to Piklist > Settings and click on the Add-ons tab. Then choose which UI you want to use, and start configuring!

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