Piklist v0.9.9.8 is now available

In October of 2015, we released v0.9.9 of Piklist. Your help in testing lead to seven(7) more releases, ending with v0.9.9.7 at the end of November. We were able to quickly fine-tune Piklist over those 60 days, while you reported issues.

In December, Kevin and I decided we needed to finish the unit tests if we wanted to get to v1.0. Together with the help of Jason Adams, we finished all the unit tests we planned and fixed tons of little bugs.

Well, after two months and 350+ unit tests, v0.9.9.8 of Piklist is ready for download!

v0.9.9.8 is one small step for versions, and one giant step for code.

You can download v0.9.9.8 from WordPress.org trunk.

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