Piklist and Gutenberg

With WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg scheduled for release tomorrow, we wanted to let you know the status of Piklist. We have been working hard on not only making Piklist 100% Gutenberg compatible but doing it the Piklist way: Easy to use, beautiful, powerful and stable. Unfortunately, this version of Piklist will not be ready tomorrow. Though […]

Piklist Documentation v3

Since we originally released Piklist in 2012, it has grown in functionality and complexity, and we’ve been trying desperately to explain all the amazing things Piklist can do for you. Our first attempt at documentation was basic and the format couldn’t handle all of Piklist’s features. Our second attempt was honestly a big mess. We […]

Piklist v0.9.9.10 released

Piklist v0.9.9.10 is live on This version fixes many bugs that have been reported, has been tested with WordPress 4.7.3, and is compatible with PHP 7.1. We are still working on the next major version of Piklist. It’s taking longer than expected, but we guarantee it will be super awesome. Though we don’t feel comfortable […]

Piklist case study: WP Engine

Over the years, Piklist has been used on projects of all shapes with organizations of all sizes. The one thing they all have in common is that they saved time during development when they used this framework. WP Engine has been using Piklist to build internal applications for a while now, and they estimate their […]

Piklist v0.9.4.30 and v0.9.9.8 beta for WordPress 4.5

Maintenance releases for Piklist are now available. These releases only add support for WordPress 4.5. No other features or fixes are included. If you’re running, you can upgrade to version in your WordPress admin. To upgrade to the latest beta, download it here >    

Team Piklist at WordCamp Miami

Next weekend some members of team Piklist will in Miami attending WordCamp. If you’re in the neighborhood we would love to meet you. We will not be presenting, but we’ll be around to discuss Piklist (and anything else you want to chat about). If you’re attending WordCamp Miami next weekend and want to meet up, email us […]

WordCampNYC Video is now available.

Our presentation at WordCampNYC 2015 is now available at This presentation provides a great example of why Piklist is the most powerful framework available for WordPress, by showing off one of the newest Piklist features: EXTEND. Here’s all the supporting material/code you need to reproduce everything in this video: Latest version of Piklist Plugin […]

State of the List 2015

This past weekend Kevin and I attended WordCampUS.  Living on opposite coasts, we only get to meet in person a few times a year and it’s always great to see each other. We sat in on a few talks but the best part by far, was meeting Piklist users. It always amazes us how many people […]

Team Piklist at WordCamp US

Kevin and I will both be attending WordCamp US this weekend in Philadelphia and we would love to meet you! We will not be presenting, but we’ll be around to discuss Piklist (and anything else you want to chat about). If you’re attending WordCamp US this weekend and want to meet up, email us at […]

WordCampNYC Presentation

This past weekend we had the pleasure of speaking at WordCampNYC. to present “Providing Inline Help for a Great User Experience”. We took a different approach to this topic and had a lot of fun with it. When we think of inline help, we don’t just think of Help text, field descriptions, admin notices and […]