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Piklist Fields and Forms

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What is the Piklist Beta Program?

The Piklist Beta Program lets you take part in shaping our upcoming products by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think.

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Front end Forms and Admin Fields

Every field type… everywhere.

Create custom fields for the WordPress admin, or build amazing frontend forms or both. Piklist Forms and Fields makes it super simple.

Point… Click… Field!

The most intuitive interface available.

Head over to the page where you want to add your field and click. Piklist Forms and Fields lets you add the fields you want, on the pages you want them on.

Add fields anywhere in WordPress

Any page… anywhere.

WordPress core pages or pages built with Piklist or even another plugin. It doesn’t matter. Add fields anywhere in WordPress.

Powerful frontend forms.

Don’t fight your form.

Build amazing forms that give you complete control of the look and feel, and are as powerful as any form system available. In fact, sometimes even more powerful. Out of the box theme compatibility makes your forms look great.