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Piklist Framework

Version: 1.0.11    Updated: 12-17-2020
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Customize everything in WordPress

Post Types
User Profiles
Admin Pages
Help Tabs
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Less code required

Creating fields in Piklist is super simple, and in most cases the same code can be used anywhere: custom fields, settings, taxonomies, users and widgets.

Post relationships

You'll wish all relationships were this easy.

Post relationships are standard with Piklist and easy to setup. Displaying them in your theme is even easier, since you can use standard WordPress functions.


The infinite repeater field.

Piklist AddMore fields are the repeater field you always dreamed of. Group together as many fields as you want and make them repeat indefinitely. Or place an Add-More within an Add-More within an Add-more...


The tab system you never knew was possible.

Piklist WorkFlows allows you to place tabs anywhere... and with anything. Tabs can include content from any page or even custom views you create.

Multiple user roles

Better security, more flexibility.

Powerful web sites and applications require multiple user roles and Piklist supports this out of the box. Standard WordPress functions can be used to validate a user's permissions and provide appropriate access to data.


Powerful features to add to your fields.

  • Lock field valuesShow ID's on edit screens for Posts, Pages, Users, etc.
  • Conditionally hide/show fieldsBased on another field value, user capability/role or post status.
  • Auto-update another fieldUpdate a field, based on another fields value.
  • Define field scopesShow fields on one page. Save the data to another.
  • Add Tooltip HelpAny field can show help, when you hover on it.
  • Customize field templatesDesign your own field markup.

Meta Boxes

For Post Types and Taxonomies.

  • Lock meta boxes so they can't be reordered
  • Show/hide by user capability or role
  • Collapse by default
  • Set the order of meta boxes
  • Hide meta box when creating a new post/term

Post Types

Do more in less time.

  • Create custom post statusesAs many statuses as you need.
  • Change the “Enter title here” textCustom message for your custom Post Type.
  • Custom admin body classesStyle each Post Type differently.
  • Hide meta boxesJust provide a list, Piklist does the rest.

List Tables

Set your table.

  • Change column headings
  • Show post states
  • Hide the post row actions

User Profiles

  • Profiles can take advantage of any field
  • Show/hide fields by user capability or role
  • Easily add User Taxonomies

Widgets, Dashboard & Help

  • Simply create complex widgets
  • No object oriented programming required
  • No help needed to create contextual help

Even More...

  • Post meta revisions
  • Easy upgrade procedures
  • Display custom icons on any page