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Piklist Toolbox

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What is the Piklist Beta Program?

The Piklist Beta Program lets you take part in shaping our upcoming products by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think.

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Control every aspect, of every Post Type

Whether they are built into WordPress, created by you or another plugin, you can manage them with Piklist Toolbox. And not just the standard Post Type parameters. With Toolbox, you can control a lot more like: menu and page icons, Enter Title text, list table configurations, hide/show meta boxes and define post statuses.

Hide / Show Meta Boxes

Create / Manage Post Statuses

Taxonomies that are no longer taxing

Categories, Tags, and any custom Taxonomies are now under your control with Piklist Toolbox. Manage every setting in an easy-to-use interface, including the ability to disable them if you want.