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Version: 1.17.0    Updated: 06-28-2017
98% rating at WordPress.org.

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Tom Ewer
Chief Blog Officer  [ManageWP]

...browse through each tab to discover what is possible. You may find something that you didn't even know you wanted to do (as I did).

Sarah Gooding

If you wanted to make all of these changes, you would normally have to install 20 or more separate plugins to handle it. With WP Helpers you get everything in one shot...

The missing settings pages for WordPress

All the settings you wish were built into WordPress and more, are now available with in Piklist Toolbox. From controlling the length of your post excerpt to placing your site in Maintenance Mode and everything in-between. Piklist Toolbox lets you manage WordPress like never before.

More options than you ever thought possible

Piklist Toolbox adds so many options that we guarantee you'll find something exciting you didn't even know you wanted. Just click through the settings pages and try out each option. Reverting is as simple as unclicking your option and saving.

Take Control of WordPress

Features that make a difference.

  • Show ID's on edit screens for Posts, Pages, Users, etc.
  • Disable Upgrade Notifications for WordPress, Themes or Plugins.
  • Expose the hidden WordPress options.
  • Remove Screen Options Tab.
  • Bring back the blogroll.

Admin Bar

Refreshingly simple to modify.

  • Hide Frontend Admin Bar
  • Remove Add New.
  • Remove Comment Bubble.
  • Remove Logo and Site Name.
  • Change "Howdy".
  • Remove My Sites.
  • Remove front-end search.
  • Remove "Updates".


Control the vistor experience.

  • Create a private website.
  • Put site in Maintenance Mode.
  • Redirect users to Home Page after login.
  • Create a message for visitors.
  • Show a message to users in admin.
  • Change email address sent from WordPress.


Customize your writing tools.

  • Set default Post editor (Visual or HTML).
  • Enable WYSIWYG for excerpts box.
  • Increase Excerpt Box.
  • Disable the Visual Editor.
  • Set Post Editor columns.
  • Set Edit screen post per page.
  • Disable XML-RPC.
  • Disable Autosave.

Discussion / Comments

Control the discussion.

  • Turn off comments on Pages.
  • Disallow links in comments.
  • Disable self pings.


Tailor your content.

  • Set excerpt length (Words or Characters).
  • Add any Post Type to search results.
  • Control "Private" and "Protected" post titles.
  • Disable RSS Feeds.
  • Delay publishing RSS Feeds.
  • Add Featured Image to Feeds.

Appearance / Themes

Easy theme adjustments.

  • Enhanced body classes.
  • Clean up your <head>
  • Remove any/all default widgets.
  • Run Shortcodes in widgets.

User Profiles

No more clutter.

  • Remove option for Admin color scheme.
  • No more default social profile fields (AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber/Google Talk).


Change the dashboard layout.

  • Set the number of columns.
  • Remove any/all default Dashboard widgets.

Developer Tools

Simple, but powerful tools for developers.

Screen Info in the Help Tab.
Server and WordPress Environment.