The Piklist community is strong and growing everyday. If you would like to contribute or donate to Piklist or any Piklist products, there are many ways you can get involved.

Submit patches

If you found a bug with Piklist and you would like to submit a patch, please email a subversion patch file to support at piklist dot com. We will eventually be moving over to Github.

Translate Piklist into another language

Piklist is a fully localized plugin, but we need your help creating language files. If you want to translate Piklist from English into another language, it’s easy to get started… nothing for you to install. We currently use Loco as our online translation tool. Just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you setup.

Edit documentation

Our documentation and tutorials are written to help you get the most out of Piklist. If you found an error, or believe an article can be written better, please email us your suggestions at support at piklist dot com

Rate Piklist on

If you’ve found Piklist helpful, please give it a 5-Star rating on

Spread the love

Here’s something you can do right now. It will only take one minute, and can help the project more than anything else- tell your followers about Piklist. By telling the world how much you love using Piklist, you encourage more people to try it and grow our community.

Monetary donations

We really appreciate all the offers, but we are currently not accepting monetary donations.