State of the List 2015

This past weekend Kevin and I attended WordCampUS.  Living on opposite coasts, we only get to meet in person a few times a year and it’s always great to see each other. We sat in on a few talks but the best part by far, was meeting Piklist users. It always amazes us how many people […]

Team Piklist at WordCamp US

Kevin and I will both be attending WordCamp US this weekend in Philadelphia and we would love to meet you! We will not be presenting, but we’ll be around to discuss Piklist (and anything else you want to chat about). If you’re attending WordCamp US this weekend and want to meet up, email us at […]

WordCampNYC Presentation

This past weekend we had the pleasure of speaking at WordCampNYC. to present “Providing Inline Help for a Great User Experience”. We took a different approach to this topic and had a lot of fun with it. When we think of inline help, we don’t just think of Help text, field descriptions, admin notices and […]

Piklist v0.9.9.6

There’s always one bug that gets you! A few hours after pushing v0.9.9.5, we found and squashed a sanitization bug that didn’t play nicely with validation. All is good now and you can grab v0.9.9.6 at

Piklist v0.9.9.5

The support tickets are slowing down so we know we’re getting close to a stable release! Piklist v09.9.5 is ready for download and testing. To make it easy for you, you can just download from, which will redirect you to the trunk version on Just a reminder, if you’re in NYC tomorrow please […]

Piklist at WordCampNYC

WordCampNYC is this weekend, and we will be presenting on Saturday at 1pm. Our session, “PROVIDING INLINE HELP FOR A GREAT USER EXPERIENCE“, will highlight many of the new features in Piklist v0.9.9.x, and we’ll show you just how easy it is to customize the WordPress admin. If you build websites for clients, then you […]

Piklist v0.9.9.4

Lots of bug fixes and surprises are in store for you when you upgrade to Piklist v0.9.9.4: NEW: WorkFlow Bar! NEW: Save individual Options, not just serialized Settings. (check out the new “Demo Reading” page) NEW: Two new conditions: ‘readonly’ and disabled’. NEW: unset_value option for checkboxes. ENHANCED: Major speed updates to Piklist JS UI. […]

Piklist v0.9.9.3 is ready for testing!

As Kevin and I push to get Piklist to v1.0, we really want to thank all of you who have been testing these beta versions and posting your tickets. Many of you have been creating fields Kevin and I have never thought of, and in doing so, you have uncovered some awesome bugs! Thanks to […]

Piklist v0.9.9.2

If you’re upgrading from an older version of Piklist, pre v0.9.9, and you’re not getting prompted for the upgrade script, then v0.9.9.2 is your answer.