The Piklist team follows a philosophy whenever we develop new products, and we believe this is the main reason Piklist stands out from the crowd: Do things the WordPress way.

Looks like WordPress

Anything you do with Piklist should look like it belongs in WordPress. Whenever possible we use the default WordPress styles and markup to render our fields, settings, pages, etc. We take great care to make sure when you are using our plugins, you feel like you are using WordPress.

Use WordPress APIs

Under the hood, Piklist always uses core WordPress functions and APIs to do the hard work. When building settings pages, it uses the WordPress Settings API. When registering Widgets, it’s using the WordPress Widgets API. This insures both your code, and Piklist, are future-proof.

Standard WordPress functions

You shouldn’t have to learn a bunch of new functions when you use Piklist.  In most cases you can, and should, use a standard WordPress function to grab, manipulate or display your data. Piklist has very few custom functions, and we plan on keeping it that way.