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      Any one else experiencing this…

      Install new WP 3.5. Add piklist without the demos addon turned on. Insert some photos into media browser, go to pages->add new. Click insert media, and you’ll see your photos from the media library. Now go to the piklist settings and turn on the demos add on. Go back to pages->add new and click insert media. None of the images from the media gallery show up.

      This is the behavior on my MAMP localhost, php 5.4.3


      Forgot to mention that, I previously had the 3.5 RCs installed and didn’t notice that this was happening but it might have been.

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      I’d like to echo this issue. Confirmed it is the piklist plugin causing issue. Continuing to pursue.

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      @jchamb– You certainly get the prize for the oddest bug found! 😉
      We will look look into it.

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      I can confirm I’m getting the same error. With the Piklist plugin activated on a WP3.5 install, the media library reports an unspecified error when attempting to upload an image, although it seems that the images are uploaded. Because with the Piklist plugin subsequently deactivated, the images appear in the media library and the upload functions normally.

      Furthermore: with Piklist active, the screen fails to refresh when attempting to add a new Custom Field, or a Category, to a Post. Again, the additions are apparently made in the background and a manual refresh of the ‘edit post’ screen will display them.

      Perhaps the two issues are related?

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      @Steve Thanks i’ll gladly accept it… I probably spent half a day trying to debug my plugins before i realized it was the addon. Didn’t get a chance to really dig into where the problem might be yet however.

      Going off of what @darrenturpin mentioned, it does seem to be related to javascript error, considering that the addon itself doesn’t have any js in there i’m guessing one of the fields that uses js is really the culprit.

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      Sander Schat


      any news on this ‘bug’?

      i have installed Piklist 0.7.2, on WP 3.5.1.

      When i enable the plugin, then the media-upload window during ‘set featured image’ is blank.

      and uploading a file is running into an error.

      But the file does seem to be uploaded, when looking at the ‘media’ list itself.



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      Sander Schat

      ah ha, i have some news / brain-fart

      so i narrowed it down to a part of the piklist functionality.

      In the theme-directory i have created the piklist directory and in there the ‘parts’ directory.

      i added some ‘settings’, ‘meta-boxes’, ‘widgets’ and a ‘media’ directory.

      when i renamed the ‘media’ directory to ‘-media’, the upload-window worked again.


      It seems that this ‘media’ directory is the actual trigger for the upload-window.

      When there, it is not working. When ‘not there/renamed’ it works.


      Cause any changes to a file in this directory like “fields.php” doesnt have any influence.


      Hope this helps.

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      @sschat– We haven’t released the fix yet, but you can easily implement yourself:

      -Open /includes/class-piklist-media.php

      -replace the attachment_fields_to_edit function with this: https://gist.github.com/sbruner/5199452

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      Sander Schat

      yes, works. Thanks!

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      Ah good, I’m having the same issues here on local with Mamp. I’ll disable for now and wait for the update, will this be coming soon?

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      @badlydrawnrob– you can easily implement yourself:

      -Open /includes/class-piklist-media.php

      -replace the attachment_fields_to_edit function with this: https://gist.github.com/sbruner/5199452

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