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      I was looking through the documentation and tried to basically have Piklist take over the management of the default post-type “post.” Just trying to add archived as an additional post status to the defaults already in place.

      This is the code that I thought would get me there. I sense a big rookie mistake but I can’t seem to decipher where:

      add_filter('piklist_post_types', 'post');
       function demo_post_type($post_types)
      	$post_types['post'] = array(
      		'labels' => piklist('post_type_labels', 'Post')
      		,'title' => __('Enter a new Post Title')
      		,'public' => true
      		,'rewrite' => array(
      			'slug' => 'post'
      		,'supports' => array(
      		,'status' => array(
      				'draft' => array(
      					'label' => 'Draft'
      				,'pending' => array(
      					'label' => 'Pending'
      				,'private' => array(
      					'label' => 'Private'
      				,'inspection' => array(
      					'archive' => 'Archive'
      return $post_types;
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      Sorry, I don’t think this is possible with the default post types.

      Also, your filter should be referencing demo_post_type, like this: add_filter('piklist_post_types', 'demo_post_type');

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