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      This is probably another bug.

      I create a Setting page called “Home Page” and put it not as a sub-menu but directly as a menu.

      I would like to have the same icon as the “Pages” section so I code like this:

      * Piklist Settings page

      /* Home page */

      add_filter( 'piklist_admin_pages' , 'katt_piklist_theme_setting_page' );

      function katt_piklist_theme_setting_page($pages) {
      $pages[] = array(
      'page_title' => 'Home Page' // Title of page
      ,'menu_title' => 'Home Page' // Title of menu link
      ,'capability' => 'manage_options' // Minimum capability to see this page
      ,'menu_slug' => 'piklist-theme-fields' // Menu slug
      ,'setting' => 'katt-home-page' // The settings name
      ,'icon' => 'edit-pages' // Menu/Page Icon
      ,'save' => true // true = show save button / false = hide save button
      ,'default_tab'=> 'Header' // Set a default tab
      ,'position' => '21'

      return $pages;

      The page icon change but not the menu icon. I would like to have the “double sheet” icon for both.

      See this screenshot

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      I think I was wrong, this is not a Piklist bug but just how WordPress Works.

      If somebody know how to achieve this, I’m interesting 🙂

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      @kattagami– In class-piklist-setting.php we use both ICON and ICON_URL for the menu and page icons. That may help.

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      Thank you @Steve, ICON_URL seems to be what I need for my icon menu.

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