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      Think I’ve come across a slight bug in how Piklist automatically generates all the variations of an item name for labels throughout WordPress. I have a taxonomy called ‘Job Status’ that it’s having some trouble with- I think because it ends in S already.


      I am guessing that I can override this using WP’s standard label array rather than using Piklist here?

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      @Sarah– Yep… a bug.

      You have two choices:
      1) You can define your own labels the same way it’s done with register_taxonomy. Just include the $labels array in the Piklist function.

      2) Open pikist/includes/class-piklist.php and comment out line 57, which we will fix in next version.

      ,'/s$/i' => ""
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      James Mc

      Related to label generation… in the function post_type_labels:

      ,'view_item' => __('View ' . self::pluralize($label), 'piklist')

      should probably be

      ,'view_item' => __('View ' . self::singularize($label), 'piklist')

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      @jmcphail– Good catch! Will be fixed in next release.

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