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      We have been running v. because we’ve always had issues upgrading from this version. It’s reached a point where we need to have all plugins on the website running their most recent version. We are having the following issues after updating to v.1.0.4:

      1) We have an image upload field within an add_more group. The images that have been saved in the post are being removed and replaced with separate Add buttons. For example, if there were three images that were previously saved in the post, after updating to v.1.0.4 there are now three separate Add buttons with no image preview of the images that were there (see attached screenshot). It seems to just be image uploads. As seen in the screenshot, .pdf and .mp3 uploads don’t seem to do this.

      Also, after updating, if I try to re-add the missing images and save the post, no images will be attached after saving.

      Here is the code that I’m using for the file upload fields (note: I’ve tried this with and without the scope option):

      Title: Featured Images
      Post Type: product
      Order: 10
      Priority: high
        piklist('field', array(
          'type' => 'group'
          ,'field' => 'featured_images'
          ,'label' => __('Featured Images For Product List Page', 'piklist-demo')
          ,'add_more' => false
          ,'template' => 'field'
          ,'fields' => array(
      	    'type' => 'file'
      	    ,'field' => 'images'
      	    //,'scope' => 'post_meta'
      	    ,'label' => __('Featured Images For Product List Page', 'piklist-demo')
              ,'columns' => 12
      	    ,'options' => array(
      	      'modal_title' => __('Add File', 'piklist-demo')
      	      ,'button' => __('Add', 'piklist-demo')

      2) I do not get any prompts to update the database. I’ve followed the instructions from this article with no resolution to this issue:

      I also wanted to see if there was an issue with my code, so I activated the Piklist demo content and it crashed the site completely with the following error message: The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.
      The only way we could get things back up was to delete the piklist-demo folder from the server.

      As a side note, the server is using php v.5.6. We are in the process of getting that updated to at least 7.0.

      Your help with this is most appreciated.

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      Here is the screenshot. It didn’t upload the first time.

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      That certainly looks like it would be fixed by the upgrade script.

      Here are more detailed instructions on fixing the script. Try this and let me know if it works.

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      Hey Steve,

      Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me. I’ve tried these instructions many times with different versions of php, as well as different versions of Piklist. The highest version of Piklist that works is v. In none of my testing did I ever get the prompt to update the database.

      Thanks for your help.

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      Here’s what I recommend:
      1. Follow these instructions but instead of installing the latest version, install one version up.
      2 keep doing that. Install one version at a time. You don’t have to follow those instructions after the first update, meaning you don’t have to delete anything from the database.

      You can get all they older versions here:

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