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    By following this tutorial and another one, my CPT uses custom status: draft, publish, lock-1, lock-2, lock-3.

    With plugin metabox text field called “First Name”, I set on_post_status to “lock-1–lock-3”.

    My issue happens when I switch the status from lock-1 to lock-2. With lock-1, the field does show value instead of a box. However, when I switch to lock-2 (from lock-1),
    when the field value disappears, and shows a warning “Fist Name is required”.

    Another interesting this is, if it is not “required”, I can’t switch from lock-1 to lock-2. It will automatically go back to “published”, so that I can switch to lock-2.

    I would appreciate if any advise you may provide. Thanks.

        ,'status' => array(
            'draft' => array(
              'label' => 'Draft'
            ,'publish' => array(
              'label' => 'Published'
            ,'lock-1' => array(
              'label' => 'Lock 1'
            ,'lock-2' => array(
              'label' => 'Lock 2'
            ,'lock-3' => array(
              'label' => 'Lock 3'
    piklist('field', array(
                'type' => 'text'
                ,'field' => 'contact_firstname'
                ,'label' => 'First Name'
                //,'required' => true
                ,'columns' => 3
                ,'on_post_status' => array('value' => 'lock-1--lock-3')
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    @ccjeagle– Welcome to the Piklist community!

    It looks like you found a bug in the on_post_status ranges. I just tested and value' => 'lock-1' works for me. We’ll get this fixed in the next version of Piklist.

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    @Steve- Thanks much for checking!

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