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    The Taxonomy Admin UI is not very user friendly and is cumbersome. It is also difficult to add a large category with many terms. Further, it is not designed for use by anyone but admins.

    I want to create a separate customized taxonomy UI that enables:
    different permissions,
    users can collaborate and add terms to create a category taxonomy,
    moderators can edit terms and parent/child relationships,
    and creators can create new taxonomy categories, and assign permissions.

    Examples: Users collaborate to create a category of music genres, with multiple sub genres.
    Users create a category of auto manufactures, with “make” children, who have “model” children

    As you can see by the examples, the main emphasis and center of attention is the admin UI, and not any posts or pages.

    Most of the documentation I read involves customizing taxonomy posts and pages, and not the admin UI itself.

    Is it possible to modify the Taxonomy Admin UI? And if so, how do I do it?


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    It’s been over 3 months and I still have not received an answer. Can Steve or Kevin please respond?

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    @kevinschmidt– I’m not sure I understand. Have you checked the demos Taxonmony? The entire UI has changed. See attached screenshot.

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