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    Hi! im new on PIKLIST. (v.
    Im having a couple of issues.
    I created a metabox with an Field>Editor and with an ‘Add More’ button because i want to create multiple sections on my pages and posts.

    First, when I go to edit my page, i see the content in the wp default editor is duplicated in the ‘Piklist created’ editor.
    see image

    And second, when i refill the second editor or Add_more editor and then publish, nothing is Saved. Everything is the same when i enter for the firt time to edit my page or post.

    I saw similar bugs on Support and tried this for example but nothing happens.

    Thank you in advance !!!

    I also want to say that i love that PIKLIST exist.

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    this is the code i’m using:

    Title: Page Section
    Post Type: post, page, portfolio
    Meta box: true
    Order: 1
    piklist('field', array(
    	'type' => 'editor',
    	'field' => 'post_content', // This is the field name of the WordPress default editor
    	'scope' => 'post', // Save to the wp_post table
    	'label' => 'Post Content',
    	'template' => 'field', // Only display the field not the label
    	'add_more' => true,
    	'options' => array( // Pass any option that is accepted by wp_editor()
    	  'wpautop' => true,
    	  'media_buttons' => true,
    	  'shortcode_buttons' => true,
    	  'teeny' => false,
    	  'dfw' => false,
    	  'quicktags' => true,
    	  'drag_drop_upload' => true,
    	  'tinymce' => array(
    	    'resize' => false,
    	    'wp_autoresize_on' => true

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