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      Hi Steve & crew-

      Is there and example of a plugin built with Piklist that I can download and pick apart to learn how it works? I remember the bike repair demo you gave at WordCamp and I think looking at how that is set up would be helpful.


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      @madysondesigns– Good to hear from you!

      There are two public plugins you can pick apart:
      1) WordPress Demos: in Piklist, check out the “add-ons” folder. The Piklist Demos plugin is in there. It’s a full functioning plugin, just placed inside Piklist.

      2) WordPress Helpers: Our super-awesome, super-helpful, WordPress Helpers plugin. Available at

      Let me know if that helps.

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      Aha, I didn’t poke around enough. Thanks!

      I’ll keep you posted when I get in over my head 😉

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      OK, so I think I’m missing a major concept here. Where is the code in the example that tells the new Piklist Demo CPT to include all the fields that are written up in the meta-boxes folder?

      In my own sample plugin, I’ve set up a CPT, but the edit page only has the right column with publish items and the taxonomies I’ve set up. The left column is blank.

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      Aha, I’ve got it now- each file has post_type in the setup comment. My bad.

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      @Sarah– Metaboxes, custom fields, settings, widgets, etc, all get generated by files placed in the Piklist folder structure

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      Yeah, it was a derp moment on my part- I had files in that folder but I didn’t even see the option in the comment to tell each file what type of post to apply it to. All good now, thanks 🙂

      Note: Might be a good thing to mention in the documentation.

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      @Sarah– Post Type is listed in the docs, here.

      Let me know if we need to reference it somewhere else.

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      I see it there now. The thing that caught me up is that this isn’t an optional attribute, it’s *the thing* that makes all the magic happen. I didn’t connect the dots and I’m guessing a lot of non-developers may not either.

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