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    It’d be great to be able to set the settings button per tab within a settings page. I just did a plugin wherein I wanted the button to say “Import” and “Download” on different tabs. I just used JQuery to accomplish this, but it’d be great to have it as part of the tab file. It’d also be great to set that same setting to false to not have a button altogether!


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    @jason– What are your thoughts on how to implement? Where would the button text go?

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    Hi Steve,

    I was thinking as part of the Setting Page comment block. And the button I’m referring to is the submit button, which can be defined as part of the piklist_admin_pages array. So the following would be a tab with a submit button that says “Import”:

    Setttings: my-plugin-settings
    Tab: Import
    Submit Button: Import Now

    And this would be a page with no submit button at all:

    Settings: my-plugin-settings
    Tab: Overview
    Submit Button: false

    Does that make sense? 🙂

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