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      Hello. I’d like to create several CPTs at the network level in a 2-site multisite network where each site shares the data from those CPTs. Is this possible with Piklist? I know it works because I’ve seen WPMU DEV’s Custom Fields plugin do it.

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      @leepeterson– Welcome to the Piklist community!

      This sounds very cool, but unfortunately, Piklist doesn’t do this.

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      Ah, shucks. Well, thanks anyway Steve.

      I’ve been eyeing Piklist for going on 4 months now, waiting for the next big build so that I could begin using it. This was the one I was most hoping to use it with. However, I’ve got another big build coming soon and will definitely be making use of it, then hopefully switching entirely away from ACF Pro.

      So, I shall return! Thanks for making such an incredible FREE plugin for the WordPress community!

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      Howdy, Steve! It’s only been a few months, but I wanted to follow up with you again anyway. Any plans for such a functionality? I can’t believe folks who build with multisite don’t request this. It makes a ton of sense from a content manageability standpoint, don’t you think? Certainly there’s switch_to_blog() and the 4 newer, more optimized versions of those. But I’d like the same CPT and its associated custom fields synced across the network so that Site ID 1 owner adds 5 testimonials and they show on Site ID 3.

      Considering nobody’s asking for this, I’m beginning to question whether or not my approach is correct. I know there are a few plugins that will sync content across a network, but they all seem to fall short in one area or another.

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      Fernando Lourenço

      I will intrude in the conversation.
      You know these two plugins?
      ThreeWP Broadcast
      Multisite Post Duplicator (It works well, but the last update issues an alert network that uses subdomains. The fix is in support guide)
      Maybe you do what you want.

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