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      A while back I made a decision store my grouped field data as individual fields (instead of a serialized array), and now I am not sure if that decision was the right one. Can someone comment on whether adding grouped fields in the admin (ignore the front end for now) is more or less efficient (and faster or slower) than if they are serialized? I have an area for adding grouped fields, and there are about 15 different types of group to add, each with their own fields. I have noticed as I have added to this list that the interface has gotten quite slow when clicking on the plus button to add another group to a record. Could this be made any faster if I were to switch to storing the group as a serialized array? OR is there something else that could speed up the interface? With fewer grouped field arrays, it used to take only a second or two to add another, now the interface lags two to three seconds, which is not great. Any ideas?

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      @ssuess– When possible I always save data as individual fields. It allows me to query the data if need be. Serialized arrays make this much more difficult.

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