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    I’m having trouble getting Help tabs to show up on my settings page for my custom post type. I’ve gone through the Demo, and replicated it appropriately (I think), but still no luck.

    Here’s the code creating the CPT

    add_filter('piklist_post_types', 'listing_post_type');
     function listing_post_type($post_types){ 
     $post_types['listing'] = array(
    	'labels' =>piklist('post_type_labels','Listings')
         ,'title' => __('Simple Business Listings')
     ,'public' => true
    	 ,'admin_body_class' => array (
     ,'has_archive' => 'true'
    	 ,'capability_type' => 'post'
    	// ,'taxonomies' =>'post_tags'
    	 ,'rewrite' => array(
     'slug' => 'listing'
     ,'supports' => array(
    		, 'excerpt'
    		, 'comments'
      ,'status' => array(
         'draft' => array(
           'label' => 'Draft'
         ,'premium' => array(
           'label' => 'Premium'
         ,'basic' => array(
           'label' => 'Basic'
    return $post_types;

    And here’s the code for my help page.

    Title: Using the Custom CSS
    Capability: manage_options
    Page: listing, listing_page, listing_page_directory_settings

    Any suggestions?

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    @michaellautman– Your code works for me. Make sure your help code is the /parts/help/ folder.

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