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    I am trying to start building with Piklist.

    I have spent time reading through the docs and tutorials, and have understood the basics about folder structures, and how meta boxes, fields, etc work.

    However, I cannot find an example of how I can create a new post type in the parts/meta-boxes folder the Piklist way (note: I am not talking of registering an already existing post type).

    I know how to create a post type in WP, but not sure how I can then link the new post type to the rest of Piklist.

    I am probably asking what may be obvious, but I just have not seen an example that makes this clear to understand. Would appreciate any suggestions or examples.


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    Never mind, I have now seen that same filter (piklist_post_types) handles creating entirely new post types, as well as registers existing post types.

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    @laymonk– Piklist does everything the WordPress way, so you can use Post Types registered with the standard WordPress functions. The advantage to doing it with the Piklist filter is to gain access to other features, which are listed here.

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