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      Hello again,

      I have been adding images to a site using Piklist’s File Upload:

        piklist('field', array(
          'type' => 'file'
          ,'field' => 'establishment_option_divider'
          ,'scope' => 'post_meta'
          ,'label' => 'Divider Image'
          ,'options' => array(
            'modal_title' => 'Add Image'
            ,'button' => 'Add Image'
            ,'save' => 'url'
          ),'validate' => array(
              'type' => 'limit'
              ,'options' => array(
                'min' => 1
                ,'max' => 1
                ,'count' => 'images'

      Suddenly the images won’t load (except one field) and the inspector shows empty urls: ‘background-image:url()’.

      The only thing that has changed was that I activated Imagify – and have since deactivated it, but the issue is still there.

      Things I have tried:

      1) Updated Piklist to latest version
      2) Deactivated any possible plugin culprits
      3) Tried different configurations for the file uploader (ie, basic uploader, saving as ID, setting multiple to false etc).
      4) Removed images, save, added images, save.
      5) Uploaded new images to posts.

      Nothing seems to be working and I’m not sure what else to try? What is very strange is that there is ONE field that does show the images correctly, and the only difference between that field and the others is the field name – the rest of the settings are identical.

      I’m running WordPress 5.1.1 with Oxygen builder. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m well and truly stuck!

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      I’ve finally found the culprit, though I still don’t understand what is causing it:

      I see that the Piklist fields show up twice in the Oxygen builder ‘dynamic data’ selector. But only for this particular custom post type. I don’t have duplicate metabox files, so I’m not sure why they are getting duplicated? The good news is that it’s working though, phew…

      I’ll post back here with a solution for anyone else who might experience a similar problem with Piklist and Oxygen in future if I figure it out!

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      @guit4eva– hmmmm… that’s odd. Looking forward to hearing back from you on this.

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      I am following this because I also use Oxygen builder and would see how others are using Piklist with Oxy.

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