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      James Mc

      Hello Piklist Community,

      Thank you for this excellent framework. Glad to be on the bleeding edge.

      I must be doing something wrong in my plugin for ‘Real Estate Listings’. I have carefully reviewed the demos and tutorials and have built a piklist plugin. All of my meta-boxes are showing up, but the values I enter into them are not saving when I ‘publish’ the custom post type ‘listings’. The plugin can be downloaded here.

      Also, the piklist checker seems to always think that I do not have piklist plugin installed. Should I provide an absolute path to the class-piklist-checker.php file?

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      @jmcphail– Nice plugin! There are a few things that need to be done to get it working:
      1) Remove all SCOPE references: If you’re not trying to mix scopes (ie save a Taxonomy from within Post Meta) then you don’t need them. Piklist will use default values. If you want to use them, they should all be post_meta in your situation… none of the fields should just be post.

      2) Piklist Checker: The checker code needs to be hooked to the “init” function, I just updated the tutorial with new code.

      Also, we just release the updated version of the Piklist Checker, v0.2.0. You can download it here.

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      CORRECTION: Checker should be hooked to admin_init.

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