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      Hi! I’ve used Piklist many times, so I’m baffled by what’s happening (and suspecting it’s something obvious that I’m completely failing to see).

      I’ve created some CPT’s with a Piklist-dependent plugin. That worked great. But now I want to add some custom fields to one of those types, and despite doing everything right AFAIK, the field do not show up in the editor.

      The post type is definitely “homeevents”, as per this line in my plugin which created the CPT:

      register_taxonomy( 'homeevents_category', 'homeevents', $args );

      Here’s my metabox code, stored in

      plugins/[my plugin name]/parts/meta-boxes/homeevent-metaboxes.php

      Title: Homepage Events Info
      Post Type: homeevents
      piklist('field', array(
          'type' => 'datepicker',
          'field' => 'homeevent_date',
          'label' => 'Date',
          'value' => date('M d, Y', time() + 604800), // set default value
          'options' => array(
            'dateFormat' => 'M d, yy'
      piklist('field', array(
          'type' => 'text'
          ,'field' => 'city_state'
          ,'label' => 'City and State'
          ,'description' => 'Event city and state'
          ,'value' => 'San Francisco, CA'
          ,'attributes' => array(
            'class' => 'text'

      Even when I change it to

      Post Type: post

      Regular posts don’t show my metaboxes either.

      Can you suggest any reason why this wouldn’t be working?

      THANK YOU!

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      I realized I should mention, that I’m building this in Divi – which might be an issue (though I realize it shouldn’t be, and in fact I created custom fields in Divi before with Piklist, no problem…)

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      Hmm… I should probably retract this question.

      Further exploration has shown that custom fields don’t show up even in regular posts… and even if I create them using alternate means than Piklist (like a custom-field plugin). And another Divi site I built has Piklist-created custom fields that are working just fine.

      I suspect another plugin is conflicting, or another issue unrelated to Piklist. Sorry! Don’t spend any time on this one for now, anyone! 8^)

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      Thanks for the update. Let us know if you need help… or if you find a plugin that conflicts with Piklist.

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