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      Thanks for the reply Steve, but the situation is not resolved. I installed it on a crappy server and it worked, that is not where I am going to be running my app. The server where I will be running the app still does not work. It is not generating any errors, no suspicious entries in any logs, noting. It just doesn’t work. I am happy to provide you with a login to check it out if that would help.

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      So, the issue that is causing your settings page to not work is not related to my WordPress version (5.4), it’s the PHP version, it does not work with 7.4, I stepped it back to 7.3 and the settings page works now. You may have already noted somewhere that it does not work with 7.4, I might have missed it.

      That fixed the issue of your settings page not working, but I am still having some basic issues getting your example code to work. I am able to create a menu item that does display a page, by placing the following code in my plugin code:

      add_filter(‘piklist_admin_pages’, ‘my_expo_pages’);

      function my_expo_pages($pages) {

      $pages[] = array(
      ‘page_title’ => ‘Expo Admin Area’
      ,’menu_title’ => ‘Expo’
      ,’menu_slug’ => ‘expo_admin_area’
      ,’capability’ => ‘manage_options’

      return $pages;

      but when I try and add some html to that page, it does not display. Nothing I do within the /parts folders seem to work. Just the items I place in my plugin folder. In an earlier test, I was able to create a CPT, but that code was in my plugin file, not the folder structure. Here is some very simple code in the /parts/admin-pages folder that does not work:

      Page: expo_admin_area

      This is a simple test

      So what am I doing wrong? This looks stupid simple to not be working. I did add the Classic Editor into my site as mentioned in another persons issue, did not make a difference.

      This plugin looks awesome and I have so much I want to do with it, but I can’t seem to get out of the starting blocks.


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      So, by copying from the tutorials, nothing was working, I watched your 2015 WC NYC video and you mentioned that one could download the code so I did. I put that code directly on the good server, where I want to run my new app, and your demo code ran fine. So I then copied the headers from there and used them in my plugin and was able to get my plugin to work. I don’t have time to figure out why the headers on your tutorial pages were not working for me. All I know is that I am actually doing things right now. I have a question about workflows, but I ‘ll ask that in a new thread.

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      @jdhunter– Glad things are working now. Is this the tutorial you were having issues with?

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