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    At the begining I would like to thank you for the plugin and your fantastic work 🙂

    And now, the problem.

    I’m running WP 4.3.1 in multisite mode with piklist installed.

    The problem I’m seeing is in admin panel (not user visible site) with the missing line breaks in the content of editor and textarea in “add more” group.

    My best guess is that when textarea or text editor are withing an “add more” group, the the content from database gets returned to those fields without the nl2br and wpautop respectively.


    When I enter a text in either a textarea or editor that are in “add more” group and save the page, after reload I see no line breaks in the text in these boxes. Everything is in one line. Everything is ok with the saved values though and they look just fine on the site (of course when I output the code with nl2br(esc_textarea( $textarea_content )) and wpautop( $text_editor_content )). The problem is only visible in the admin panel.

    See the attached images before and after saving text in textarea and text editor. The textrea and texteditor on top are on their own whereas the ones below are in the repeatable group.

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    @kplaneta– Welcome to the Piklist Community!

    We were able to reproduce this bug and it will be fixed in v0.9.9.3 which should be release tomorrow.

    Glad you love Piklist. Feel free to tell the world by leaving Piklist a 5 Star review on It really helps the project!

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    Wow. That sure was quick. 5 stars rating for you was posted 20 secs ago 🙂

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    Wow. That rating was quick! Thanks so much.

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