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      I’m consulting for a client that is using an older version of wordpress 3.5 and has many plugins (such as Pods) and I keep getting an error every time I try to ADD A NEW PAGE.

      Warning: Missing argument 3 for PikList_CPT::save_post() in /home/content/companyname/wp-content/plugins/piklist/includes/class-piklist-cpt.php on line 500

      Wondering if this is a known bug.
      I really want to help these guys, (IE: Get paid. LOL) but I want to use piklist to solve their problems without adding ANY MORE third party CRAP. Are there any known conflicts with any plugins combined with this version of WP? I can post all the plugins they use.

      Also, is there a variable now being used in WP, that wasn’t in 3.5? (the missing 3rd parameter error)

      Pre-thanks to the Piklist team.


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      by removing the third variable $update from the save_post function and reducing the filter call to 2, instead of 3 parameters at the head of the file.

      Yaay, It’s working on an old archaic system. LOL


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      @Marcus– If you really want to help them, you should upgrade their version of WordPress since they are running an insecure version.

      WordPress 3.7 added a third parameter to the save_post action, which Piklist takes advantage of.
      FILE: wp-includes/post.php
      WordPress 3.5: do_action('save_post', $post_ID, $post);
      WordPress 3.7: do_action('save_post', $post_ID, $post, $update);

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