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      Thanks for the plugin, we use it lots and it’s really useful!

      I’ve encountered a weird bug, where I create a custom post type using the filter piklist_post_types, permalinks of pages of that custom post type get overwritten every time you save the page. Using the exact same array and creating the post type using WordPress’ own register_post_type method fixes the issue. It doesn’t block me, as I will use the native method, but I wanted to let you know anyway.

      Thank you!

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      @robin– So happy you find Piklist useful!

      This is odd. We’ve never heard of this before. When you say overwritten, do you mean a ‘-2’ is being added to the permalink?

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      Hi Steve,

      No, it does not create a new page or anything, it just replaces the permalink of the post you are working on. Let’s say you have a custom post type ‘services’ and a page with the title: ‘Rent a vehicle’, and your permalink is ‘’, after saving the page, it will replace the permalink with ‘’, and you will need to edit the permalink back to ‘’.

      Hope this helps!


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      Done some digging, and the only difference I am seeing between piklist and regular CPTs is that the post_arr in wp_insert_post() comes with an empty post_name, so it creates a new one by sanitizing the title. If I had more time I’d investigate further but unfortunately I don’t.

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