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    Is there a way to connect 2 different post types?
    I have a post type “players” with a taxonomy “teams”. I store there information about football players (1 post = 1 player). And of course I store information about teams in taxonomy (1 term = 1 team). This structure helps me to connect players with their teams.
    But right now I need to create one more post type – “matches”, where I’ll store all information about matches and I want to store information about players also. Right now with Piklist I can create few meta-boxes with simple repeatable textfield and save for example post links, which holds information about players. But it’s hard to do this for every match.
    So, is there a way to show metabox with a dropdown list, which holds terms from another post type taxonomy (teams) and checkboxes with posts in this term (players). I think this is the easiest way to pick teams and players for every match.

    P.S. If this can be implemented in other way, I will be very appriciated for advice.

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