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    Vineet Talwar

    I need to prepare a form.
    Admins needs to enter post title, attach thumbnail image,
    select taxonomy. Based on selected taxonomy,
    I need to make a WP_Query and on submit, it attached the post ids returned from WP_Query to the post_meta.
    Following is my github gist for the form.
    I need to read selected taxonomy term id, then pass that term id to on_submit_query function (written at the end of the file.). it shall return post ids from that WP_Query and I need to simply update that id array to newly created post at a post meta key post_ids_key

    1) Could you please tell me how can I achieve that ?
    2) Every time a new post is created, is there any way it can be checked, if post exists then, update the post only in piklist.

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