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    I’d like to be able to create a Dashboard QuickPress/Add New Post widget equivalent for a CPT that I have created with Piklist.

    From the looks of it I’ll need to create a forms/ part for the form, and use a shortcode in a dashboard/ part to load it. Is this correct?

    I essentially want it to be handled in the same way as a standard Add New post submission where it submits to post-new.php, only from a widget, which means I’ll need the standard hidden fields that are populated on the standard form (ie. nonce, user-id, post-author etc). Is there a quick way to build these or do I need invoke field() for each?

    I’ve gotten as far as:

    Action: post-new.php
    Capability: edit_posts
    Network: false
    piklist( 'field', array(
      'type'    => 'text',
      'field'   => 'post_title',
      'scope'   => 'post',
      'label'   => 'Title'
    ) );
    <the same custom fields I have in my CPT metaboxes>
    piklist('field', array(
      'type' => 'submit',
      'field' => 'submit',
      'value' => 'Submit'

    My apologies if I have missed the documentation for this somewhere.


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    @solace– You got it right. Build a FORM, and use the auto-generated Shortcode to but in the Dashboard widget.

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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks. And to confirm, I need to create a field() for each of standard hidden fields manually? No shortcut for this?


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    That’s correct. Use this as a guide >

    You can just copy and paste.

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