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      I’m developing a slideshow plugin and have incorporated piklist into the plugin itself because of the huge amount of time and code it can save me. I have, however, run into a problem:

      What I would like to do is create a group of repeatable meta boxes where the group contains two fields – an image upload field (that uses the media uploader) and a text field to add a url that the image will link to.

      However, when making a file upload field that uses the media uploader, the add_more option seems to automatically turn off. This seems to be – from what I have discovered – because the media upload field allows you to upload multiple images. The issue I have is that I don’t see a good way to add a text field that relates to a specific image that was uploaded in order to give it a URL to link to.

      Is there something that I am overlooking? Or another way to accomplish what I an looking to do? I know that I could add a field to the media meta for a user to input a URL there after they click to choose the image from the media manager, but I would rather do it the other way. Any suggestions?

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      @taishiziyi– Can you send us the code you are using to create this field?

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      Sure. Here you go (I anonymized some of it for placeholders here, but nothing material has been changed):

      Title: Slideshow
      Post Type: plugin_name
      Order: 0
      piklist( 'field', array(
      	'type'			=> 'group',
      	'field'			=> 'slides_info',
      	'add_more'		=> true,
      	'label'			=> 'Slide Images',
      	'description'	=> 'Add the slides for the slideshow.  You can add as many slides as you want, and they can be drag-and-dropped into the order that you would like them to appear.',
      	'fields'		=> array(
      		'type'			=> 'file',
      		'field'			=> 'slide_image',
      		'scope'			=> 'post_meta',
      		'label'			=> __( 'Add/Edit Image', 'plugin-text-domain' ),
      		'description'	=> __( 'Use the media uploader to add, select, or edit an image to use as a slide.', 'plugin-text-domain' ),
      		'options'		=> array(
      			'modal_title'	=> __( 'Add/Edit Image', 'plugin-text-domain' ),
      			'button'		=> __( 'Add/Edit', 'plugin-text-domain' )
      		'type'			=> 'text',
      		'field'			=> 'slide_url',
      		'scope'			=> 'slide_image',
      		'label'			=> 'Image Link URL',
      		'description'	=> 'If the slide should have a link, enter the URL for the link here.'
      	'on_post_status' => array(
      		'value' => 'lock'
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      I know you guys are incredibly busy, but I was wondering if anyone had a chance to take a look and see what I might have been missing here?

      Thanks for all your help!

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      @taishiziyi– This is something that we need to work on since it’s not 100% yet. We have some cool ideas for this type of field. Unfortunately, it may be a while before this is done.

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      Hi Guys, any idea when this might be supported? It would in my humble opinion really make piklist even more killer, so many ways this feature would come in handy.

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