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      I have a regular text field that holds a custom title (‘custom_title’) for the post. The title has a few “reserved” characters for soft hyphenation and line breaks (easy for the “non-tech-savvy” user to understand).

      I want to save that title to a an extra hidden field with the linebreaks as html tags. I know how to do that, but how do I pull the custom title field to the hidden? Do I need to hook into ‘piklist_save_field’? I would love to have it as a part of a the sanitization filter that I am already using to strip out extra spaces on the ‘custom_title’.

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      You can create a hidden field by setting the field type to hidden.

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      Thanks Steve, I know how to create the hidden field. But how can it use the non-hidden text field? So I have the hidden field with the HTML version of the custom_title?
      I can run a manual ‘update_post_meta’ in my sanitize callback where I store the HTML version in a meta field. But this is not ideal for serialized arrays (when I have used Group fields)

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      Can you post some code so we can take a look?

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      Right know I have this meta-box field

      Title: Intro
      Post Type: projects
      piklist('field', array(
      	'type' => 'text',
      	'field' => 'project_introtitle',
      	'label' => 'Project title',
      	'columns' => 4,
      	'sanitize'  => array(
      			'type' => 'title_sanitization', // defined in functions.php (piklist-functions.php)
      			'options' => 'html' // used as custom field suffix
      	'attributes' => array(
      		'placeholder' => get_the_title()

      In functions.php I have this sanitization and a bit of a hack for saving the field in a html version:

      // Piklist sanitize titles (Allow forced breaks) and soft hyphens
      add_filter('piklist_sanitization_rules', 'sanitize_title_function', 11);
      function sanitize_title_function($sanitization_rules) {
      	$sanitization_rules['title_sanitization'] = array(
      		'callback' => 'sanitize_title_callback'
      	return $sanitization_rules;
      function sanitize_title_callback($value, $field, $options) {
      	$returntitle = trim(preg_replace('/\s+/', ' ', $value)); // removes any extra (unwanted) spaces
      	$postid = intval( $field["object_id"] );
      	$this_field = $field["field"];
      	if (isset($options) && '' !== $options && !is_array($options)) {
      		$suffix = '_' .sanitize_html_class($options);
      		$htmltitle = str_replace('|', '<br />', $returntitle);
      		$htmltitle = str_replace('_', '&shy;', $htmltitle);
      		update_post_meta( $postid, $this_field . $suffix, $htmltitle ); // extra meta (using suffix)
      	return $returntitle;

      So this is a bit hacky, and it will not work serialized arrays. So what would be the proper solution – saving to a hidden piklist field that works with groups and repeaters?

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      I’m still confused. I don’t see a reference to a hidden field.

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      Hi Steven

      I know how to create a hidden field – I just don’t know how to have one value from a piklist field saved into another (the hidden).

      Field A (text) holds ‘This is my title| with a special character’

      Field B (hidden) should save Field A in a HTML format ‘This is my title<br/> with a special character’

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