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    I want to have the shortcode from RoyalSlider plugin appear in the Piklist shortcodes.

    At first I just tried adding it via the “Allow Shortcode UI” in Piklist’s “Settings”. But it doesn’t work? It is not appearing in the shortcodes windows next to Piklist Form as expected. Is there something I am missing?

    I then startet creating a Piklist shortcode manually that would just print out the RoyalSlider. It requires an “id” attribute, but I noticed that “id” is not accepted as field in my piklist shortcode (or it is ignored). But if i set it to ” id” (with a space) it will appear in the shortcode (and even appears to work).

    I have tested it with only Piklist adn RoyalSlider on a fresh WordPress installation on Linux server.

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    (but the space prefix hack with id is preventing the edit from working – since the space messes op the HTML class/ID so it won’t be able to fetch the value from the shortcode)

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    any suggestions on solving this?

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    Unfortunately, we’re not familiar with the RoyalSlider plugin and how they register shortcodes. If they do it the WordPress way it should work.

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    It is not a RoyalSlider issue – but Piklist when a field is called ‘id’.
    (I need it to specifically be “id” so RoyalSlider picks up the attribute, so the solution is not using e.g. “my_id”)

    If I add the following then [blabla] is printed out but [blabla id=”first”] is expected :

    Name: Blabla
    Description: Testing
    Shortcode: blabla
    Icon: dashicons-format-gallery
    piklist('field', array(
    	'type' => 'select',
    	'field' => 'id',
    	'label' => 'My select',
    	'choices' => array(
    		'first' => 'First Choice',
    		'second' => 'Second Choice',
    		'third' => 'Third Choice'
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    You wrote originally that “It requires an “id” attribute,”. What requires an “id” attribute? RoyalSlider?

    If so, does that plugin have a filter that you can change it with?

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    Yes, id is required – and no filter for that. Perhaps a nested shortcode is the solution (a custom piklist shortocde that returns do_shortcode with royalslider compatible shortcode), but don’t know about performance though?

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