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      Is it normal for an update to dump all the code inside the plugin folder (wp-content\plugins\piklist\add-ons)?

      All my code is now gone. This is really bad, or am I missing something?

      There was no warning or “backup plugin folder prior to install” prompt during auto-update.

      Is there I copy of the prior version somewhere?

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      @courtens– you should never make changes or additions to any plugins. When you update them your code will be deleted.

      The only way to restore it is from a backup. Check with your host to see if they have backups.

      Then move your code to a Piklist plugin that you create >

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      Thank you @Steve. I did find a backup of the code. I got it back in place and working again.

      But now I am worried that I have the code in a wrong place. (I only use it inside the administration section of WP – would I still need to move it to another folder?)

      For right now the code is inside a folder named “blogs” in wp-content\plugins\piklist\add-ons (sitting right next to “piklist-demos”)

      blogs.php is:

      Plugin Name: Blogs
      Text Domain: blogs
      Description: Used to control Taxonomies for Blogs.
      Text Domain: blogs
      Domain Path: /blogs

      To me Step 1 in Register your plugin with Piklist is not clearly specifying where to create the folder.

      Thanks again for helping!

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      You need to create your own plugin:
      1) Create this folder: wp-content\plugins\blogs
      2) Move blogs.php to this folder
      3) Include the file header code listed here in my-piklist-plugin.php
      4) Move any other code from blogs over to this folder.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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